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About Us

As the twentieth century drew to a close a group of automotive
nuts and writers got together to list the world's top 100 cars of
the century. The winning car was the Model T Ford. Though the term
'world car' didn't exist the Model T could easily be considered such as
it could be purchased on almost every continent. Thus the beginning of
an automotive club was formed for the model "T" groupies.

By the 1920's more of the rural population realized the
potential of the automobile and new roads were soon under construction.
This made getting back and forth to the meetings on a lousy
Saturday evening at 7 pm, much more appealing. (Not much but a little)
In the back of Bob (smiley) Keller’s garage (shack) the Classic Iron Car Club
was formed . In the years to come the membership grew from 2(Bob & his Dog)
to a respectable 20 or 40.No accurate way to tell to this day due to the scattered
inactivity of its members but its pretty close!

Cars and trucks of all sorts are the pride and joy of its semi transparent members.
Cars from the 30's until present (even a rare NOVA or two!) are in the mix.
We are always looking for new members!! So if you have something that moves and
qualifies as an automotive, Scooter, Bike or moped, Please Feel Free to Sign up!!

We need all the help we can get!